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Free Shipping on $150+ | Shop up to 75% off Sale

Ribbed Chrome Double-Edged Razor

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Once you try a well-made double-edged shaving razor you'll say good riddance to disposable cartridge blades. Our chrome model, made in England, hits all the marks: durable, properly balanced, sturdy weight, and a ribbed 3.25" handle for secure grip.

With our double-edge safety razor, you'll achieve a close, smooth, and clean shave that multi-blade razors simply cannot deliver. A single-blade razor cuts hair to skin level as opposed to multi-blade razors that cut hair below skin level, which leads to ingrown hairs and razor burn. Furthermore, embracing this traditional tool of wet shaving results in a far more economical, less wasteful long-term shaving choice when compared to standard cartridge razors as our double-edged razor is compatible with standard double-edge blades.

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