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Judges Men's Reading Guide


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The book of Judges illustrates the fundamental problem of the human heart: when God’s people forget Him, we turn away to worship other gods. In this dark and unsettling account of the period of the judges, God’s people did what was right in their own eyes instead of following the Word and ways of God. The downward spiral of Israel persisted as they struggled to embrace their true identity as God’s chosen people. Yet, even in the increasing darkness of the days of the judges, we also see the faithfulness of a God who continued to rescue them. The ongoing cycle leaves us longing for full and final redemption.

Join us in this four-week study of Judges as we read this Old Testament book that vividly portrays the tragedy of sin, revealing our need for salvation that comes only through Jesus Christ.

In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did whatever seemed right to him.
—Judges 21:25

- 28 Days (4 Weeks) of Curated Scripture Readings

- An Introduction to the Context of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth
- An Look at the Cycle of Rebellion in Judges
- An Exploration of the Canaanite Religion
- An Overview of Israel’s Judges
- Context for Reading Tragedy in Scripture

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