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Hebrews Legacy Book

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The full and final work of Jesus stands as the centerpiece of the book of Hebrews. Written to a group of Christians weighed down by persecution, Hebrews tethers believers to the past, present, and future, keeping our eyes on Jesus at every turn. Drawing on the richness of Israel’s history and the forerunners of faith, in Hebrews we see how God was always pointing to the more perfect Priest and sacrifice that would come through His Son once for all time. Join us for this three-week study as we remember and rejoice in the reality that Jesus, His promises, and His presence are indeed better.

  • 6.5x9", perfect bound, 120 pages
  • 21 days (3 weeks) of Scripture readings—right there in the book
  • A quick look at the different warnings given in Hebrews
  • Cross references for Old Testament allusions and quotations found in Hebrews
  • An overview of how the New Testament uses the Old Testament 
  • An exploration of the way Hebrews testifies to Christ’s superiority
  • A look at the concept of better throughout Scripture
  • Daily response questions
  • A seasonal recipe
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