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Beard Butter



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Your Beard's New Best Friend

Honor Initiative's beard butter offers an unparalleled hair growth experience, opening up a cosmos of follicular possibilities. This luxurious elixir, teeming with carrier oils like avocado, grapeseed and jojoba, is more than just a product – it's a commitment to a lifetime of beard excellence. With each application, you're investing in a future where your beard becomes the stuff of legends, its grandeur immortalized in stories and songs for generations. As you join the ranks of the Honor Initiative's beard butter devotees, you become part of an elite brotherhood of bearded individuals, united by a shared love of magnificent facial hair, ready to take on the world, one beard at a time.

This beard-sculpting wonder is not only a magical concoction of oils, butters, and vitamin E, but it also serves as a gateway to mastering the art of beard maintenance. As you incorporate our beard butter into your daily routine, you'll unravel the secrets to keeping your beard looking and feeling its best. From perfecting your trimming techniques to experimenting with new and exciting beard styles, you'll become a maestro of facial hair finesse. Moreover, our Beard Butter caters to all beard types and styles, celebrating the diversity of facial hair. Be it a classic full beard, a suave goatee, or a bold handlebar mustache, our Beard Butter has your back (and your beard).


DAPPER - Musk, Mahogany, Lavender & Oak
You know how every girl's crazy for a sharp dressed man? Say less. As the name implies, this scent will take you from dingey to dapper in no time. This scent combines rich mahogany, deep oak, hints of musk and a dash of lavender to create a cologne-esque feel with a manly twist. A Canadian tuxedo, if you will.

VANILLA SKY - Vanilla, Smoke, Lavender & Musk
Just like the movie... minus the cryogenics and existential crisis. This scent brings together a strong, dashing musk with a beautiful, warm vanilla and then they fall in love. This scent is perfect for date night as it's sweet yet sultry aroma will definitely set the mood!

Vessel - Bamboo, Teakwood & Leather
This guy's namesake comes directly from the horse's mouth or from the Holly's memories, rather. Holly took a whiff of this bad boy and it immediately transported her to summertime in the middle of the lake, on a boat of course! This scent is derived from a combination of bamboo, teakwood, and leather perfectly combined to create a summery aroma that you'll want to use again and again. If you were looking to bottle up Chad's childhood out on the lake, look no further.

FLANNEL SEASON ■ Spice, Vanilla, Pumpkin and Soft Musk
C O Z Y - what does that spell? Flannel season! (college was a long time ago...) But really, if fall is your preferred aesthetic, flannel season will be right up your overcast, haunted, leaf blown alley. By combining your favorite autumn spices like cinnamon and nutmeg with the seasonal staples such as pumpkin, we've concocted a pretty aromatic witch's brew (tis the season after all). BUT we didn't stop there! We had to add the secret ingredient - an eye of newt..kidding - a dash of sweet buttercream and just a squeeze of fresh citrus, we give you Flannel Season. This scent will bring you to the gates of halloween town and save you a seat at Thanksgiving dinner. This scent is perfect for your date night at the pumpkin patch or huddled around the campfire telling your favorite ghost stories - in your favorite flannel during your favorite season of course!

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